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6 (not obvious) items you NEED for your beach vacation!

6 (not obvious) items you NEED for your beach vacation!
May 18, 2018 waltergreen
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  1. Make sure you bring something that’s cute enough to wear over your swimsuit to lunch or dinner at a restaurant, but soft and breezy so that it won’t be tight or itchy, especially if you got too much sun!

2. Make sure you bring a water bottle to keep what you want to drink cool! Whether it’s ice cold water or ice cold champagne, it’s gonna get hot real soon if it’s not insulated.

3. One of the things you don’t realize you need until you are out on the beach, is a portable speaker! If you want your own music to listen too, get a bluetooth speaker that you can fit in your beach bag.

4. One thing you may forget when you are traveling to a beach vacation is a beach bag! It seem so obvious, but it’s one of the things people forget and no one wants to put a sandy towel in their purse.

5. You don’t want to bring your most prized jewelry when you go somewhere that you plan to turn your brain off and relax. Keep the diamonds and expensive watches at home and bring some really cute costume jewelry that will go with everything! You’re on vacation, not going to the Met Ball 🙂

6. Sunscreen! It may seem obvious but it’s something people forget to pack! Once you get to a resort destination, sunscreen can be quite expensive. Make sure you bring a bottle or two!