Cape San Blas, FL

It's no secret to us, but it might be to you... Cape San Blas is one of the last beautiful dog friendly, laid back, don't-have-to-find-a-spot-on-the-beach, beach places in the United States. In fact, I'm sure I just made some folks mad by even spreading the word about this serene place :) Cape San Blas was socially distancing before social distancing was even a thing.

Who it's for: You want to relax, have peace and quiet on the beach, don't have to share your beach section with anyone, have a dog. It's also great for people who want to get completely disconnected with the outside world (cell service is a little spotty). You want to be isolated and only talk to like minded strangers, but very occasionally. Cape San Blas features beautiful beach houses and condos, there are NO high rises, all inclusives, or anything "commercial" about this place. It's all about finding your peaceful bliss here. A great place to bring a whole family or just yourself when you are hiding from you family :-P

Who it is NOT for: You want a constant party, meet new, crazy friends, go to foam parties, get big slushies filled with bottom shelf liquor, use a fake ID, or go surfing. This is not for you. The cape is pretty calm and no one sells glow sticks or ice luges, my friend. Go to Panama City Beach.

What to do: Literally, nothing. Make some burgers, eat some steamed shrimp, work on your novel, or just sleep all day. Ask the ocean what you should do with your life. No one cares. Because no one knows. Do whatever the heck you feel like (except have a foam party b/c seriously, who does that). But if you do need some interaction, Port St. Joe is only a crawl away and offers some festivities (and also Walter Green Boutique!)

What to wear: It's very chill here. Bring plenty of bathing suits, keep it really casual, and bring a hat. 

Grover, thinking about life in Cape San Blas, FL. Also wondering what he did with his glow sticks.