Tulum, Mexico

Taking temperatures upon restaurant entry, wearing a mask when you can't social distance, these are things that are different now during these times! However, Tulum is still an off-the-beaten-path beach destination that really embodies being with your close group or loved one, all in an Instagram worthy setting with a constant deep house beat in the background (on a low level, of course).  Even my husband appreciates this beautiful place. I vacationed to Tulum for the first time in 2010 for NYE and ever since then have felt it was one of my favorite beach destinations. I've been back a couple of times since then and although it has become more popular and touristed, it's still one of my favorites for a secluded beach vacation with just the right amount of swankiness.


Things to do: Rent a beach bungalow, ride bicycles along the only beach road, take a yoga class from many of the outdoor yoga studios, schedule a massage with Mayan clay in an outdoor wellness spa, shop the small boutiques along the main road, relax listening to the waves, workout at the outside gym, partake in a Mexican cocktail, visit senotes, take trips to see plants that heal even the most "un-healable" diseases, lounge in photo worthy settings in your bathing suit all day, eat the best avocado toast known to man. 


Where to stay: Be Tulum is my BEST suggestion on where to stay. Book early, ask for A/C (if it's going to be a hot time of year) and get ready for a place like no other. If Be Tulum is booked look for places nearby. Be aware of the all inclusive resorts that are far off the beach. You want to stay in Tulum beach, NOT in Tulum town. It's cheaper in the town, but most definitely not worth the savings (you want to experience Tulum, trust me). 

Who is it for? The beach lover who doesn't want crowds or trashy college students but still wants luxury and swank and sophistication. This is the ULTIMATE boho lover's dream land. 

Who to take with you? This is a great place for just you and your man, but also great as a girls trip! I also think this would be a fun place to bring your family / kids because of all the exploring of Mayan ruins you can do as well as the expansive beach.

DO NOT:Think that you can stay in Playa Del Carmen or the city of Tulum (both are much cheaper) and get the same experience. You can't. You can also do an all inclusive hotel that is between Tulum Beach and Tulum town but again, you limit your experience and will not have the same trip as you would staying right on Tulum beach. Tulum beach is more expensive but well worth the extra.

How to get there: Fly in to Cancun, get a taxi (or rent a car) for about an hour and a half commute to Tulum Beach.

What to Wear: It's laid back and casual, but don't let that fool you. You still want to look your best! Bring several very photo worthy swimsuits, and your best boho beach clothing. The key here is to look like you just threw something on, but you still look like you walked out of a magazine.

Best time to go: December, January and February is high season and the best time to go. Still hot, but not as hot as summer. 

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